SMI Real Estate Broker Bobby Nott

Bobby Nott

Licensed in the State of Oregon | License #201239530

503.455.4241 CELL

My name is Bobby Nott, Jr. My involvement as a real estate Broker is both a challenge and an opportunity to build extensive relationships that last a lifetime. I serve with the most brilliant and gifted colleagues in the business; this makes me “better at what I do,” and better qualified to help clients.

My background is in team-building, teaching, educating, and problem-solving. Each of these provide me with extensive experience as an effective communicator. I call on these skills to serve clients as we strive to accomplish real estate goals.

I have also served as a Pastor in communities throughout Oregon. Additionally, my educational background includes a Degree in Undergraduate and Postgraduate Studies in Theology, and a Degree in Criminal Justice.

As an American, our ability to own land and property, and start our own businesses, is a gift. I am honored to be part of this process through meeting good people, bringing them together, and helping them to fulfill their destiny. I look forward to the opportunity to work with you.