Marketing & Knowing Your Market

SMI Commercial Real Estate, LLC was formed in 2004. Both businesses, while separate entities, share the same address and work in unison with each other.

The combined staff of these two businesses bring over 55 years of Commercial Real Estate and Commercial & Residential Real Estate Management to our clients. With three Certified Property Managers (CPM) and one Certified Commercial Investment Member (CCIM) we access some of the best professional real estate education available. We firmly believe that the only way to stay on top of real estate trends is to merge these efforts. Day to day management, the ever changing costs of owning and operating income real estate, combined with sales and leasing cycles are now monitored as useful tools for the benefit of our clients needs and wants.

Too often management and sales/leasing are at odds, their perspectives far apart, placing the client at risk. We think that it is the job of the sale/leasing people to help place a client in the best real estate investment product available to them, based on the client’s goals and comfort levels. It is management’s job to make it perform to those levels and goals. To do this, one hand must know exactly what the other is doing. This requires good communication and constant interaction.

All this combined with a full time marketing manager makes for direct effective targeted marketing for sales and leasing.

Simply put, we strive to put our money where our mouth is. We believe marketing and knowing your market creates success.